we make your dream project reality.

We consult private, governmental and commercial architects, contractors and home-builders of any size.
Some of our offers include:
With innovative ideas, we are guaranteed to answer all questions solid-wood.


we bank on the natural product wood!

Thanks to our decades of experience, we are your competent partner for the planning of solid wood buildings..
Among others, we offer the following planning services:
Solid wood elements are suited for interior and exterior use and available in various wood species and surface qualities. For visible surfaces, choose or combine spruce, larch, stone pine, fir or pine. Further finishing of the wooden surfaces is individually possible, e.g. by treating the planed, sanded or brushed surfaces with glazes, paints or oils.


build upon the unique qualities of solid wood

Compared to other construction methods, solid wood offers, among others, the following advantages:


we design your optimal manufacturing solution

SANTNER laid the foundation for the first fully automated cross laminated timber production line for smooth, jointless and high-quality solid wood elements in standard format back in 1998 through intensive research in the field of solid wood construction systems.
HOLZplus builds on SANTNER's know-how and, based on continuous and practical tests, HOLZplus has years of experience in production, technology production, technology, conceptual design, sales and marketing in the field of Solid wood elements sector.
Among others, we offer the following services:
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